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Fixed knot fence

October 21, 2023

Latest company news about Fixed knot fence

Fixed knot fence are commonly used in areas such as farmland, gardens, wooded areas, parks and roads to prevent deer species from causing damage to crops, vegetation or transportation safety. They can help maintain ecological balance, protect the interests of areas of human activity, and reduce conflicts with deer animals.


1.HEIGHT: Deer netting usually has enough height to prevent deer animals from jumping over or through the fence. Typically, the height of deer netting ranges from 4 to 8 feet, varying depending on the desired deterrent capacity and application scenario.

2.Mesh Design: The mesh of a deer fence is typically constructed with smaller mesh hole sizes to prevent deer animals from passing through the fence. This mesh design is effective in deterring deer animals from entering and preventing them from becoming entangled in the mesh.

3.Durability: Deer mesh is typically made from durable materials such as wire mesh or high strength polymer mesh to ensure its durability and reliability for long term use. This durability can cope with the impact of deer animals and environmental factors.

4.Visibility: Deer mesh usually has good visibility so that deer animals can detect the presence of the fence and avoid collisions. Sometimes the upper portion of the deer fence is equipped with markers, such as ribbons or flags, to increase visibility and warning.



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